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Praise the Lord for his all his manifold blessings. We came together to worship this past Sunday morning and enjoyed another Sunday school lesson with Bro. Eddie, this week our lesson was about “A Community of Forgiveness,” which is what the church is “supposed to be.” We having received forgiveness should certainly be willing to give forgiveness to others. If we stop and consider how great God’s forgiveness of each of us has been, it is much to be forgiving of others.

Our morning message was entitled, “Looked,” from our text in Genesis 6:12 and we explored the many times in scripture that God looked upon the affairs of men in many cases deemed them wicked. Along with the many times men looked and made either the right choices or the wrong choices for his course in life. It will help our eyesight if we filter our visual information through the lens of godly perspective.

Our evening message came from Isaiah 64 and was entitled, “Things Not Looked For.” In our text we read that the prophet asked God to come down and manifest himself as he so clearly had in the past by performing wonderous things, which the nation of Israel has not looked for. We then explored the many ways God may have been trying to reach our own nation, to turn us once more to him. After all he is the one who controls the winds and the waves and all the forces of “nature.”

And as in the case of Israel in scripture, when a nation turns away from God, he may use other, less godly nations to punish their rebellious nature, if they refuse to return to him. We observed that many of the same signs given to the Israel of antiquity seem very applicable to the America of today.

The planned message for next Sunday is “Vacancy Notice,” for morning worship service and the planned evening message is “Occupied,” we hope to see you next Sunday.

Come and join us in worship service and may the Lord richly bless you is our prayer.

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