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Howdy. Hope you all have dealt with life the best that you can and everything is going somewhat smooth. My life has changed tremendously the last two weeks. I didn’t realize a small cafe would be so huge. I never realized how hard it is, but we will make it. I would like to welcome Carol Hopper as my cook.

Our prayers are with the Opal Chadwell family.

Gary and Norma Watts’ daughter, Angie and Brad Brown are in Memphis, TN right now with their son. He has something wrong with his leg. Braiden is in sixth grade and is 11 years old.

They are cleaning up the old liquor store and might be putting in Big Harry’s Pizza Shop. That’s just what I heard at the coffee shop.

Kenneth and Kathleen McIntosh celebrated their anniversary on the 24th. Cory and Kim McIntosh will celebrate on the 28th and Jim and Joyce Johnston, along with Keith and Teresa Anderson will celebrate on the 30th. I don’t know what day Ed and Doris Turner celebrated, but he did tell me that Doris has put up with him for 63 years. Isn’t that great? I thought he must have nabbed her at a very young age, but he said, “No, I was 20 and she was 18. I had no idea that Ed was eighty years old. He looks so good. Must be drinking from the fountain of youth. He said that Doris is doing a lot better since she fell and broke her hip. She doesn’t have to use the walker anymore, just a cane. (Probably to keep him in line). Ha, ha!

Danny Ledbetter will be at Union Grove Sunday for old fashion Sunday. Dinner after service and good singing. He will also have Sunday night services. All are welcome.

Thought: My husband thought this fit for me. “Let your speech be better than silence; otherwise be silent.”

Until next week, God bless our little town.

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