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Howdy. This week all the kids went back to school, and college kids are getting ready to go. I’m thankful that our daughter, Alice, is going to stay home with us one more year. Her best friend, Brooke Cudworth, leaves for SBU next Wednesday. Her mom is having a hard time with that. She’s the last one left at home.

Change is hard. My cook after years of devoting her time to me, is leaving and going on to be grandma. And I just want to say no one will ever fill her shoes. Berthine Schmit, you are a very special woman and I loved the time we had together. But all good things have to end.

I appreciate all the friends and neighbors and family that came out to the Barn Yard Cafe last week. I hope we get all the kinks worked out of it. Frank Laster from Northwood Valley is my cook and Jamie (Bradshaw) Williams is my waitress.

Roy and Marie out at Dutch Cooking are putting a solar system in on their roof to help with the power. Also Roy says he’s going to extend the Tuesday night smoked meat until September 30.

Jeannie from Macomb put in for the Norwood post office position and she’s so happy because they gave it to her.

T.J. and Courtney (Williams) Stout came home this week with a new healthy baby girl named “Piper.” She weighed 9 pounds. She had four other siblings at home waiting on her.

August 12 was the senior dinner. There were 21 present. Linda VanderBogart, Janet Atchison, Linda, Shirley, Donna Sue, and Randy Cottengim, Merry Bell Summers, Louisa Williams, Delta Forrest, Phil and Sue Durden, Leon Pendergrass, Jr. and Alberta Steinert, Bonita Barnett, Kay Woods, Ruth Bradshaw, Karen Durden and Erlene Dennis. Next dinner will be September 9.

Thought: Ain’t it funny how no one wants to help you, but they are ready to give you advice.

Until next week, God bless our little town.

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