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Little Creek Church

This Sunday dawned bright and clear and I am waiting on  ride to church. This is the Lord’s Day and I like to devote it to Him and that includes my church family. This is a good day to start the week with.

I am thankful for His love and care and for each day He gives me.

My daughter, Karen, came yesterday and also my son, Kevin, and daughter-in-law, Donna. Charlie, my friend, came by one day and my niece, Robyn, is here three days a week. So you see I do not get lonely.

A very nice lady called to tell me of the death of an old friend and former resident of Wasola, Gene Frye. Gene lived here growing up and moved away a few years to find work. I failed to rewrite the lady’s name and now I can’t recall, but anyway, I send my appreciation to her.

We had a preacher from Puerto Rico who ministered for us Sunday night. His name is Angel G-14. He told us he last name starts with G and then 14 more letters that no one can pronouce so he shortened it. Allen and DeAnna provided good spiritual music. It was a good service.

Altogether I had a good week and weekend.

Burr and Ruth spent Sunday night with me. They have a new little yorkie dog called Foxie that they got from Kevin and Donna. She is the sweetest little thing and she likes me, but then every dog likes me.

Kasey and Terry came while I was at church and left me a salad and bags of garden goodies. I have Karen, Barb, Charlie and Kasey who grow good stuff and share with me. Also Jim who shared corn and I then shared with Kevin.

We had a good day at club Wednesday and a very good dinner. I got Ruth’s quilt half-hemmed, Robyn is making double knit rugs and Billy is embroidering and everyone else quilts and they always have two quilts in the frames.

We have missed Colleen who had to stay home with Leon. I’d like to say how sorry I am at the loss of Leon. He was a good man and everyone who ever knew him liked Leon. His family and friends will remember him and will miss him forever. He and Colleen raised an exceptionally good family, and that is a good legacy to leave.

And that is my letter for this week.

Be happy and kind to one another.

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