Little Creek

Well, here it is Monday again so soon. Doesn’t time fly? The weather girl is promising cooler weather by Thursday which is welcome news.

I went to church Sunday and enjoyed the service and being with my church family. After church I spent a good afternoon with Burr, Ruth and Ruth’s mother, Eileen. We had dinner in a Mexican Restaurant.

Robyn is here being busy. She has my breakfast cooking. I dearly love and appreciate all she does for me.

She and Norval visited with granddaughter, Kendra in Mountain Home Saturday and report having a very good time. They got to meet her boss and were impressed with her and amazed at how she copes with her condition. Miss Shirley, as she is addressed by Kendra, can only move her eyes and nothing else, yet she works the computer, etc. with only the movement of her eyes. She is very intelligent and positive with life. Robyn says Kendra loves Miss Shirley and takes good care of her.

Our quilting club, The Nimble Thimblers, went on our outing and we ate together at Sheila’s Restaurant in Marshfield. All members were together with two visitors. Barb’s daughter, Susie, came with her and Marie’s daughter was with her. It was a good day.

I spent the day from 11:30 to 6:30 in a doctor’s office in Springfield on Thursday, August 21. And was extremely exhausted, to say the least. On my ride home Ruth called and they had been in Springfield and I had spent one hour of that time waiting for a driver to pick me up. Well, you can see how that day went, but there was a happy ending because Burr and Ruth met me at home with supper and they spent the night with me.

On Friday we had breakfast together before they had to leave. Now it’s lonesome again.

But I’ll correct that and say that I do like my own company and am very seldom lonely. When I was nostalgic and think how I miss my loved ones gone on is when I am sad. But not for long and I’ll get a call, a letter in the mail, or a visit from my kids and I’m happy again.

I think I tell you all each week how thankful I am for the life that was given me. I have been truly blessed especially with my kids. I love them all so much and not one above the other. They all have different characteristics and personalities and I appreciate the good in each of my children.

And my friends are a positve aspect of my thanksgiving.

I got a sweet letter from sweet Sue, Sue Hartgraves, written in cursive and I was so excited to open and read all she had written. I so appreciate the letter for it is an effort for Sue to write.

Then yesterday my daughter, Karen, and granddaughter Nicole came. We spent some time going through pictures and Nikki took several to have copies made and then came bringing them back. I am never lonely I guess you could say.

I talked to Sis, Jean, this morning. She was busy in her sewing room. She is responsible mainly in getting our special reunion quilt ready. She set it together, wrote all the family names on then helped the others quilt it and then she did my job which was hemming the quilt. It is a geneology quilt and only Pone and Elsie Degase grandchildren can win it.

Which reminds me that I should remind all of you that the Degase Family and Friend Reunion is Saturday the 30th of August at the Masonic Lodge behind Town and Country Supermarket. See you all there and remember that dinner will be served at noon.

Jim and Jean had Danny and Jamie Dry, Rusty Frye and Rusty’s granddaughter, Autum, for Sunday dinner. Then Saturday Greg Evans and Joseph Taber stopped by for a good visit.

And I must stop and get this to the mailbox.

But another bit of news I almost forgot is that Kasey and Terry spent Saturday afternoon with me. Terry made us bacon tomato sandwiches for lunch together. I love to set around the table and thank God for our food and for getting to enjoy it with my family.

And Charlie came Friday with big beautiful tomatoes and a home grown watermelon compliments of Howard Mitchell, who loves to shares nature’s bounty with friends.

Have a good week all of you my readers and friends.

Spread God’s word at every opportunity.