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They tell us that this week we’ll go into summer mode, with the heat index reaching into the upper 90’s. Well we have been blessed with a very pleasant summer and with enough rainfall for a bumper crop. The Lord is good and we serve a mighty God.

Sunday I didn’t feel like going to church and I had Ron and Bev Smith drop by after services to check on me. We had a good visit and then my sister, Jo, came over to bring me dinner and some pain relief creme. I dearly love my family and friends and appreciate their concern.

I got a welcome call from my extra sister, Lorene Maloney. She wanted me to know that she enjoyed my news last week and said it brought back glimpses into the past. We reminisced of by gone days when life was good. Of threshing machines and of a time when we had wheat and cornmeal.

Lorene and I have identical lives because our parents were the best and we went to the same school with the same teachers and friends and so we love to relive those days together.

Another friend, Hester Tidwell, called.  I love Hester and we talk of people we both know and of food we grown and cook. And Hester is an expert when it comes to cooking good food, and also an expert at growing flowers and gardens. Hester still drives to get her groceries. I admire Hester and always loved to see her fiestiness. When Hester married Ray and moved just under the hill from us, is when I became acquainted with Hester, but she is the kind of person that makes it seem like you’ve known her forever.

There’s not many of us from the “old school” left.

Jean Frye, Jamie and Danny Dry, and Benji and Cori Dry went to Springfield after church to a baby shower for Katilynn, Jean’s great granddaughter.

Jean’s visitors during the week were Jamie and Danny, Brandon Tetrick and Friday evening the new neighbors, who bought Mark Degase’s house stopped by.

I offer condolences to Dyanna and Butch Degase at the death of Dyanna’s brother. I’m so sorry.

My visitors have been Karen, my daughter, Jo, my sister, and Charlie, my friend. I appreciate all of you for the fresh vegetables and to my sis for the supper and pain crème. It’s always Jo to the rescue if she learns I need something. Between, Jo, Jean, Robyn and Karen, I feel well taken care of.

God bless all of you, my friends and readers. Rely on Jesus above all in time of need.

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