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Little Creek

This has been a long day because I didn’t go to church this morning. There seems to be days when I just can’t get going at first. I studied St. Luke and learned new things, but meeting with the church family is to be desired.

Kasey and Terry brought me a hamburger and bags of vegetables Thursday evening just I was debating what was for supper. The tomatoes were especially appreciated because other than what my good neighbor Barbe brought I hadn’t had my favorite vegetable.

Barb brought vegs also recently and I love the hot banana pepper. And Charlie has been bringing egg plant, squash, cucumbers, green beans and yesterday a five gallon bucket of new potatoes and a bucket of onions.

Karen kept me supplied with asparagus as long as it lasted in addition to other good things to eat. She froze me a few bags of corn for later.

So you see I have been eating “high on the hog” without the hog. Who needs anything, but fresh produce when it’s plentiful?

Burr and Ruth visited one day. They had grandson, Devin, a few days this week.

Jo Delp spent an overnight with son, Chris, last week, while in Springfield for two consecutive visits with her doctor.

Norval and Robyn Tetrick and granddaughter, Kendra, visited one day in the park with another granddaughter, Kady, and her baby, Isiac. Norval and Kendra had just returned from a visit with his mother and other relatives in Fairfax, Mo.

Robyn got to spend time with her own company, which is good for a short time once in a while. Robyn went with me, her sister, Jamie, and my two sisters, Jean and Jo, to Sparta one day for my granddaughter, Nicole’s housewarming party. She has a beautiful brick house and is enjoying it very much, after having lived in tiny apartments or dorms while finishing college. Nikki is very responsible and I’m proud of her and her achievements.

It was good to be with another granddaughter, Ruby Lee, and great granddaughter, Allison, while at Nikki’s and to visit with long ago friends, Ed and Phyllis Robertson. We had not seen one another in several years. They say they like my news and items of interest.

In fact I have had several comments about missing Little Creek news when I sometimes don’t write. So I hope I haven’t forgotten any thing since I missed one week.

I did want to extend my condolence to Harold Mitchell and family. Mary was a lovely woman who was my friend ever since her daughter, Donna, became my daughter-in-law. Mary took care of many youngsters while their mothers worked and the kids were always happy to be there. In fact my granddaughter, Nikki would go to Mary’s when her Aunt Kim was watching her. Kim lived just down the street.

Mary will be missed, but not forgotten and she is in a safer place where we will see her again if we prepare to make heaven our home and for eternity we can rejoice together.

I will stop and let Robyn put my scribblings in the mailbox, but first I’ll add a thought or two.

This old world is such a busy place. There’s so much hurry in it. Isn’t it nice sometimes, to pause for just a minute. To stop and think about your friends who mean so much to you and then to do some little thing to let them know they do.

Take time to be friendly and to remember your friends. We make life’s road more happy when good friends share a mile or two along the way. I love and cherish my friends and may God bless the hearts within whom true friendship dwells.

And now I must write some letters to some friends in answer to their lovely letter and sentiments of love.

Until next week, be happy!

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