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Everyone seems to be canning and getting ready for a long hard winter. Sure is dry now and a hot week ahead. Jerry Nelson’s family had a nice garden for their first time experience for some of the family members.

Sunday we ate at Ruby’s in Ava. James loves the chicken livers. Our nieces, Shelley and Traci, got him hooked on them when we ate out with them and their uncle, Galen Hall and their mother, Lyn Halcomb. Later James and I went and looked at S&H Fish Farm, a public place to fish for catfish. It’s a pretty neat place. Later James visited Jerry Maggard and Jerry Jr. Jerry and James talked about things that happened when they were kids. I imagine Jerry Jr. got a kick out of that.

Dillon and Gary Morrison stopped by Saturday morning. Rex and Shirley Halcomb visited Saturday evening. Junior and David Halcomb and Crissie Coaltrian recently visited.

I talked to my niece, Shelley Parham, and she and her family were in Virginia visiting Kerry’s sister.

They did a quick job of chip and seal on T Hwy. in Christian County. Everyone wanted the asphalt, but like everything else our roads don’t get much attention. We went across the hills by Honey Branch Cave and that’s a rough road too. The country roads have no dirt to grade.

I talked to Annabelle Clinton. She said the Big Springs Church burned. They are building back and Stacy Shephard is preaching at the fire station for the congregation. Little Zion and Big Springs don’t have a pastor. Maybe Stacy will be led to pastor Big Springs. The County Line Association does not exist anymore.

Sunday evening we had a nice chat with Tony and Linda Stillings. Remember their Molasses Day. People really enjoy it.

September 14 at 11 a.m. Bob Hammons and Wildwood will be at Garrison Church, dinner after services. Sunday school starts at 10 a.m. Pastor James Orick and congregation invite you to attend.

My sympathy sent to the Dale Ross family. Dale pastored Union Hill Church on T. Hwy. at Keltner. James held a revival there when he was pastor. We thought a lot of him.

Bosco Applegate passed away. He loved fishing. My sympathy sent to his family. We fished with him at the pot hole a few years back.

Our niece, Connie Siler, is in Cox Hospital. We went to see her a week ago Monday. Get-well wishes to her. Also Annabelle Clinton’s son-in-law, is in Cox also. Get-well wishes sent his way.

Happy Birthday wishes sent to Sandra Harvill, Kim Ewing and Betty Halcomb this month.

Recently Shirley Halcomb’s brother and wife, Dale and Paula Phillips, brought her some veggies and her brother, John, brought her tomatoes and blackberries. Shirley said their potatoes did good, but she had a lot of help from insects and varmints. She said she had received lots of good things from people to eat. I told her she deserved it. She is always helping someone and she had cooked a lot for sick folks.

I appreciate Hazel Maggard for the information on restless legs. James has passed that stage, but some things she found we had not heard of, so we are trying that. He has no trouble going to sleep, but when he does his legs kick and I mean kick and has to get up. It is hard to get rest.

Sorry to read about Bill Prueitt’s accident and then surgery.

Folks, have a good weekend and Labor Day weekend is approaching so lets all try to stay safe.

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