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Last Weeks News – Recently James and me stopped by Junior and Betty Halcomb’s on our way to Ron Nunley’s. Our cousin, J.D. Morrison, and wife, stopped by. He visited a while. They were going to another cousins, George and Janie Morrison’s. We saw J.D. Morrison’s daughter at Ozark Monday.

Friday, July 11 James and Linda Orick visited Lynn Halcomb and daughters, Traci Thompson and Shelley Parham and Lynn’s brother, Galen Hall at the motel in Ava. They came in for the Adams Reunion and we ate at Ruby’s. On Saturday we all attended the reunion and later Lynn, Traci, Shelley, James, Linda, Junior and Betty Halcomb visited Sybil Harvill and grandson, Keith Williams. Rex wanted to see them, but he was too sick and still does not feel good.

My eyes are getting heavy and won’t be long it will be time to hit the blackberry patch. I just can’t wait to deal with chiggers, ticks, snakes and etc.

Attend church, lots of empty pews.

This Weeks News – It sure feels like good old summer time now. My partner in blackberry picking has quit, time to fish a little, maybe. July 4th David and Glenda Halcomb hosted a family gathering. His parents, Junior and Betty Halcomb, his sister, Connie and John Siler and their children, Amanda and Brad Evans and family and Brad and Patty Siler and daughters, uncles and aunts, Rex and Shirley Halcomb and James and Linda Orick. Lots of good food and kids liked the pool, although rather chilly.

Sunday Jena Guerin sang a special song. James preached from Luke 21:7-21. Be ready. People laugh about preaching the coming of the Lord, but it will happen. Read the scriptures, it is fulfilling in front of our eyes.

Sunday night we had a big crowd out for VBS program. They averaged 39 kids every night and lots of helpers, around 60 including kids and adults. Some kids were gone on vacation before school starts.

Saturday evening I visited Lacey, Jerry Nelson’s granddaughter a few minutes. We looked at her garden. Jerry’s great granddaughter, Crissie, has been here a few times. James and Jerry Maggard fixed our wood splitter. James enjoyed visiting him and his son, Jerry Jr.

It is nice and quiet again around here. The loggers finished on Dillon Morrison’s place. They still have logs to haul. They cut a lot. That 40 acres used to have the most beautiful timber, but it’s been cut several different times and now the under brush will have a good time. Timber must be a good price. Cutting those huge trees around the springs will make them not as strong and sometimes they dry up.

Carrol Caudill visited us and had a good visit. Junior and Marie Huff visited a while. Stay cool.

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