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Hello from our home to your home, dear Ozark folks, we are in the depth of summer now. I see we can anticipate 90 degree temperatures all this week with a few degrees added.

Our lovely flowers are needing some gentle mists to raise their beautiful heads, although our men water them regularly.  That sun is very hot!

We like to go out early every morning and just bask in the cool gentle breeze, then again about 8 p.m. —-so soothing!

We are busy learning things for Quiz Bowl.  Our Golden Age Games are scheduled for October 31, 2014 at the Cabool High School.   That’s Halloweeen, it will be a big day and evening for the elderly.  But we can do it, and won’t it be fun?

I see new faces every day and we are glad to have them.  Many I realize are visitors, but we welcome them, too.

Our new jig-saw puzzle is ready and waiting, if you would like to try.  Some have told me they fit one piece, or maybe two or three. Whatever you do is good for you.  It helps keep the wrinkles from your brain.  No one makes fun of you.  It makes you feel good, like you have accomplished something.   Try it- you’ll like it!

Oh, you’ll just not believe how nice our therapy gym is now.  You will want to give it a try, but it’s  so busy now with all the different therapy personel working with our people.  It’s just amazing at the progress being made.

I went out to look at our new gazebo with the seats built in and the fans going so nicely and I am so thankful for these gifts.   It is so nice to take family out there to visit with the lights and fans stirring a breeze all day long.

Mound Church had a good respresentative here for our church program, Sunday at  2 o’clock p.m.  We enjoyed seeing some old friends and hearing the good Bible message.   We also enjoyed the music, it was awesome.

Tom Hawkins keeps on faithfullly with our resident’s Bible Study and Norma Stillings is always there to tune our hearts heavenward,  but still we should read our Bible every day and pray for all of our friends, family and especially our service men serving our country and facing danger every day.

I wish everywhere there was peace on earth, good will to men,”  don’t you?

Our prayers and sympathy are with the family of Mrs. Pat Clubb.

Congratulations on William Shea on getting to go home this week.

God Bless You From Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center in Ava, MO.

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