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Hello from our home to your home. We had a very good week here at Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center.  Churches on the schedule for August are: on the 17th, Mound Church and August 24th, Ava General Baptist Church.   We appreciate the churches who come and minister to our residents, family members and staff. Being in a church service is an important part of our residents lives.  So we appreciate  each and every church who minister to our residents.

Bro. Tom Hawkins has a Bible study on Monday morning, with several attending.

Connie and Sydney and Brent Snelson have been doing reading time with the residents. Sydney and Brent  back me up.

Tuesday morning was Resident Council meeting with Norma Stilling attending as our facility Ombudsman. We discussed the new therapy room. It is now done and open to residents for work out with the therapy staff.  Two of the rooms are finished with part of the floor being gray marblized tile and part of the floor being gray carpet.  This is the part that gets the hard usage.  The walls are textured white, so clean and neat.  The sunshine shines through the windows so brightly it just makes you feel better all over.  All of this is well worth the inconvenience and the long wait.   Much appreciation to the maintenance men for doing our new therapy rooms.

Evelyn Harper called games Tuesday afternoon, we usually have a big crowd on Tuesday, I think it is because of the candy lady, handing out candy to the players followed by Cassidy and Addie and Connie doing nails for the residents.

Wednesday a group of residents went on a country van ride with Darrell Issac. They traveled on east highway 76 and found the fields to be mowed so nicely looked like lawns. Mostly because the first cutting of hay had been finished, but it made the hills look so lovely and the homesteads real neat.  The roadway was exciting with many hills and curves- no chance for road hypnotics on that stretch and we wound up at Norwood, MO. Since we had spent so much time on the  by-ways, we took the highway back to Mansfield,  and came by Sonic and enjoyed cokes and ice cream treats.  A perfect ride for a perfect day.

You will be amazed at the puzzle we are now doing.  Come and see, sit down and test your ability.  It is a picture of a junk-yard of all kinds of old rusty cars and trucks, all colors and lots of advertising signs!  It will test your mental status! I tell you!

Our new gazebo is getting much use during the heat of the day,  always a shade, always a fan stirring the air and benches to sit on with beautiful flowers for viewing that let off the smell of their sweet perfume.   Horseshoes is a big hit out in the gazebo.

The Country girls came around to collect our votes.  Wasn’t that nice of them?

Our prayers and sympathy go out to the family of Larry Peak, his brother Carl Peak passed away last week.   Our prayers and sympathy also go out to the families of Mae Cox and Doris McCarthy.

Congratulations to Bernece Miller, Ed Hall and Juicy Coffer on getting to go home last week.

We would like to welcome to our home William Shea, Don Nelson, Walter Bower and Laxie Grote.

God Bless You From Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center in Ava, MO.

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