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Hello from Goodhope General Baptist Church

Our Sunday School Superintendent and family, Bro. Lance Stillings was back from vacation and so was Bob and Robin Nagel family. It sure was nice to see them back, they all reported a good time.

Our worship attendance was 84. We had good congregational singing and good old fashioned hand shaking and we welcomed everyone to the house of God for worship and to hear God’s word preached. Bro. Lance read announcements and prayer requests were taken. We had prayer over our tithes and offerings and prayer requests.

Susie Adams did a solo, David Lafferty played piano and sang and Miss Kayla did a solo as specials.

Pastor Dave chose several scriptures and verses from Rev. 14, Psalms 29, Isaiah 5, Malachi 24. How sudden God’s judgement will come on this earth. Have you prepared to meet your maker. Be ready, we all need to quit making excuses about not being in God’s house when we should be. It was a very annointed message from God’s word.

Sunday night the young people had the service. Katie Jenkins opened the service with prayer, testimonies and singing. Small children sang two songs directed by Brenda Reed. Good job! Miss Kaylee sang a solo and Little Miss Zoe sang. Good job, girls!

Bro. Matt Jenkins gave a very inspirational testimony and delivered a very inspirational message from God’s word in I John 2:15-17 and also, Matthew 6:24 and James 4:14. We need to serve God. We can’t serve God and be worldly.

“Without me you can do nothing,” John 15:5.

Isaiah 40:28, “Have you never heard or understood? Don’t you know that the Lord is the everlasting God, the creator of all the earth? He never grows faint or weary, no one can measure the depth’s of his understanding.”

Dianne and her friend, Rick, came home with Sue after church and had lunch then just “relaxed and chilled out.”

One day Ervin and Lodean and friend, Ralph Glover, from Mtn. Grove and daughter, Gail Wright, drove down to see them.

Ron, Judy an Dianne came by Monday to help me with some outside work.

Then late Monday evening I got out to water the little trees we had planted and my rose bushes. We sure need rain. The Lord will bless us with rain in His time.

Norma Cross and Pauline Richards had lunch with Ed Hall, Thursday, at Heart of the Ozarks Health Care Center. He had spent 19 days in the hospital before they brought him there. He seems to be doing okay. As we were leaving we ran into Iris Ann Jenkins. She told me her and a couple friends came there every week to play cards with LaVern Ashby (use to be Sellers). I’m sure she looks forward to those visits from her friends. We also visited with Roxie Johnson and others. Kenny Hunt went up and had a visit with Ed while he was down visiting with Norma.

Oliver Lee Jenkins brought his wife Liz home Saturday. She has had some serious problems the past month or so, she is improving at this writing.

Norma took Alice Herrell and little Sissy to Ava one day last week. After doing some shopping they took Sissy to the park.

Kyle Thompson had his friend, Jaden Hicks, over to spend a few days.

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