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 Good morning from Girdner. I have missed a couple weeks writing so I hope I can keep my items under a page. The Tuesday 3 p.m. deadline seems to come and go before I am ready for it!

We have had so many great messages and things going on at our church and community.

 We have had some still facing some health issues, some have made it out of the hospitals, and home and we give God the thanks for this. We have some who have lost loved ones, and we ask you remember them all in prayer. Prayer does make a difference!

We had just a great Bible school. Sis. Jennifer had another great week lined up for us. The kids had a great time, and so did us adults. Bro. Gary, Bro. Jack and Bro. Dallas cooked supper for us every night with some of the ladies bringing dishes also. We ask them to continue doing this for us, but they didn’t have much comment on that. We ended the Bible school with a pool and pizza party, that was well attended. We are so blessed and happy to have some new children and their parents coming to our church. We so appreciate all of them.

This last Sunday evening was our monthly singing. The guys grilled again for us all before services and we had a real good fellowship time together. We had such a great singing! I know I say this everytime, but it just keeps getting better and better. Every 2nd Sunday night at 6 is our singing and all are invited to come and praise the Lord in song and testimonies with us.

This Sunday, Aug 17, The Cross, from the Ava Full Gospel will be coming to share with us their  talents. Christians, representing, on, signing, sticks, is what the CROSS stands for. They are a a group of young people who do skits to gospel music using signing sticks. If you haven’t seen this group before, I’d recommend them.  We welcome you come and enjoy this with us. The younger generation will for sure enjoy it, as well as, us older folks.

Sis. Maxine’s message this last Sunday was from Colossians 3. Setting your heart on things above.

In the 1st verse it says if we, be risen with Christ, seek those things which are above, (2) and not of the things of this earth. I was thinking just this last week, we can certainly get ourselves in a mess thinking on things going on in this old world. Seems like every time you turn around it’s just more turmoil, grief, sadness, and things we can’t do a thing about. We can get ourselves pretty burdened down sometimes, even depressed. Or maybe this is just me that has these problems. However, when Sis. Maxine began to preach Sunday, I knew it was just for me. I knew I was looking and thinking in the wrong places. All my thoughts and seeking needed to be on things above where my Jesus sits on the right hand of my Father, making intercession for me. I find it so peacful to know, that when I don’t have the words to know, or say, the Holy Spirit knows! Sometimes we just gotta drop all the things that get cluttered up in our minds and thoughts, and let God, the one who knows all things take these heavy burdens we carry, and He will give us rest. One of our young ladies that comes, gave a testimony, and she mentioned how God takes our burdens, when we ask him to, we don’t have to carry them. We sure need to ask and trust, He will do that very thing. I just love it when you see these younger ones start really living for God. They sure give us a boost. I believe this is a very important reason for assembling together. We wouldn’t hear these great testimonies and see the love of God on these faces if we didn’t get together and share our blessings and give praises to God from week to week.

A few things Sis. Maxine shared with us was on what being raised with Christ would give us. Death no longer has power over us. The penality of sin, has been removed. We now have a place awaiting us in Heaven, hell is not our eternal home. The power of sin has been broken if we want it to be. Satan will always be here in this world to bring before us things we need to stay away from. However, through Christ and looking on things above, we can win! Satan has no power over us when we have Jesus living in us and through us. He has to flee at the name of Jesus, and for this I am so very thankful. Sis. Maxine mentioned Romans 8 in her message. I was just reading over it and there is so many good things in this chapter. I’d sure recommend for you all to take a few minutes and read this chapter. Maybe it too, was just for me, but I sure have enjoyed it this morning.

Something Sis. Maxine said in closing also made me think. She has a way of doing that. She said, would we be taking what consumes our life when we go to Heaven, when we stand before God. A lot of things consume my life, but very few of them are about God, about Jesus, the one who died for me. They are not on things that will help to bring some lost soul in, not sharing His word with someone who may very well desperately need to feel His touch.

This week, I ask you all to join me, as we think on things above and not of this earth.

When we pray God hears more than we say; He answers more than we ask; He gives more than we imagine; but…In His own way according to His wisdom.

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