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Hello everyone on this summer day the 18th day of August. Most of the area schools have started. Dora starts this week. Seems like we had a short summer.

Patty Stephens came last Saturday and visited. She took me for a long drive down by Hodgeson Mill and then down to Dawt. There was a lot of people at Dawt.

Bertha and Dean Scherer celebrated their 44th wedding anniversary last Sunday the 10th. They had River and also a couple from West Plains over for dinner.

Ann Collins and I visited Ada Beard a while Friday evening.

Then Saturday I spent the day at Ann’s. Her granddaughter, Chris Hartzell, and Myron Jackson of Cabool were there putting a lineonum down for her.

Extending our deepest sympathy to the families of Ann Coonts, Linda Collins, Dwain Virtue and others who have lost loved ones.

Kathy Haney is supposed to get the stitches out of her knee this week. She is pain free for now.

Ted and Karen Collins visited Ann Collins one evening last week.

Haven’t the surprise lilies been beautiful this year? (aka as naked ladies), but I prefer to call them surprise lilies. What lady could be nearly as beautiful in the yard naked?

Today would have been Bud’s birthday. He has been gone six years in January. I cannot say and I will not say, that he is dead, he is just away.

I’ll hush for now. God bless and pray that the trouble in Ferguson will quieten down.

Did you hear about the cell phone wedding? The ceremony was fantastic, but the reception was terrible.

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