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On this nice, cool August morning I will try and write some news. My goodness where has the summer gone, it’s time for school to start.

Tracy and Hannah Griffith came Tuesday and took me for my protime then I went home with them and stayed until late Wednesday evening. It came a nice rain at Thornfield on Wednesday. We’ve began to need rain here. Maybe we will get some this week.

Thursday Karen Fredrick and I went to Willow Care to see Agnes Williams. She was doing okay.

Carol Wise spent Friday night with her mom, Ann Collins. She came and got me and I had supper with them Friday night. On Saturday they visited Karen Collins. Ted had gone back to work.

Cole Bradshaw had an allergic reaction to a sting and had to be rushed to a hospital in Springfield for a while Thursday evening. They thought he was going to have to spend the night, but he got to come home.

Kathy Haney had knee surgery at Columbia on Thursday the 31st. She got to come home Saturday.

Birthday greetings go out this month to Cole Bradshaw, he has already had his, it was the 3rd; Amanda Russell the 7th, Wesley Heath the 18th, Brenda Gibson a niece on the 21st and my daughter Patty on the 28th.

Until next time, take care and God bless.

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