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Good morning to all my friends and neighbors.

My goodness what a good week we’ve had.

Carson got to come and spend the week with me and Ethan.

We really did enjoy him being here.

Raegan came Friday afternoon to take him home and we didn’t get to visit very long. He was ready to go. I think he was bored.

Darrel came up Tuesday and ate lunch with me, Carson and Kelly, then we went to Tony and Marie’s house. It was their 70th wedding anniversary.

Ethan and Brett fished in a tournament Friday night then Saturday night Ethan had a Bass Club fishing tournament. He didn’t get much rest, but that’s what you call dedicated.

We had good services at Frye Church. We always enjoy hearing Bro. Gaither Clubb sing. Telesia also sang a beautiful song.

Brett and Kaya have been here this afternoon with Ethan.

One night while Carson was here Ethan took me, Roger and Carson to the catfish ponds. We had a good time. Ethan got to watch Carson catch a big catfish. We got to bring some fish home. They sure did taste good.

Well I guess you can tell I don’t have any news, so I’ll say have a good week!

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