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Well hello to all my friends and neighbors.

My goodness what a good day we had today.

The weather started out hot, but when I sat in the swing on the front porch this afternoon it was nice.

We had real good services at Frye Church this morning, then food and fellowship to follow and that’s always good.

Bro. Gaither sang a couple songs and that’s a blessing to hear him.

I went to Ken’s house yesterday morning early, he did some work on my car. Randy and Riley helped him. It sure is good to have all these good mechanices in the family.

Well school will be starting in a couple weeks. Seems like they just got out for the summer.

When school starts Roger’s hours will change. It sure is nice to have him here for all the odd jobs I can’t do.

I really don’t have any new to write about.

Ethan went to Brett and Kayla’s for supper tonight.

Well I’ll sign off for now, so when you pray, remember our country and our leaders and the boys and girls in the military.

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