Eastern Gate and Around the Mountain

Hello everyone, hope you are having a wonderful summer. I am keeping busy as usual. Roger has planted way too many green beans and so I was busy canning them. Until I refused to can anymore. Now he is taking them to his co-workers. Of course, they are enjoying them. So maybe they don’t think he planted too many. Now if we could just start getting an overload of ripe tomatoes, I could start making us a lot of salsa. I guess we humans always find something to complain about. In reality, we should give God praise and glory for all the things He Is providing for us.

Our church has been low in number lately and as we look around so has some of the other churches. Is it because it’s summer time, or is everyone on vacation? I have to admit, I missed some. I missed a couple of Sunday evening services when my family was here visiting. I had a family reunion, and several of my family was here, my brother–in-law, Lawrence and family were in from California and, my uncle Galen was in from Calif. He is my mom’s only brother. He used to come to Missouri and take her and her sister Maxine and run around Ava. I think I learned the value of a close family relationship from them. You don’t have to live in the same town to still maintain close family ties, you just have to stay connected. That is true with your relationship with God, He wants you to stay connected with Him. You do that by reading your Bible every day, and praying to God daily, and asking Him to lead you in your life.

Sunday night, Donald wasn’t able to be with us, so we had a long song service. We had special songs by Grace Mitchell, Jessie Nelson, Bud Hampton and Irene. Wanda Hutchinson sang a song. We also had a group made up of; Bud Hampton, Betsy Conrad, Shirley Halcomb, and Irene (me). It was part of the old Bell group if you remember them. We then had some testimonies and Bible verses read and quoted.

The first week of August, we are starting our Vacation Bible School. We are about to get all our plans made. I hope all the kids are making plans to attend. Highlonesome and Breedon churches are helping us out this year and we so look forward to working together with them. God wants His people working together to share His word with our future generation of church leaders.

Enjoy your summer, but don’t get so busy that you leave God out of your plans. He is there every day just waiting to hear from you. Take care.