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Eastern Gate and Around the Mountain

What a great time we have had the last two weeks. The first week of August we had our Vacation Bible School. We had the help of Highlonesome and Breedon churches, and it was a great blessing to work together for the good of our children. We had 39 kids in total attendance and lots of helpers. We so appreciate all the help from the help with the classes and crafts to the kitchen help who kept us fed and kept the kitchen cleaned up. If you have never worked at a VBS you don’t realize how many people it takes to help make a successful VBS.

It also takes kids and we had a great group of them this year. My daughter-in-law, Tina, taught the little ones and one night she had 13 kids. (6 and under) she did have some good help, Jeannie and Francis and she even got Jon and Dustin to pitch in and help. Linda Nelson’s daugther-in-law was also a big help several nights. Carolyn Schneider came every night and helped in the kitchen and brought some help with her, and some from our church pitched in and helped her also. Sue Thomas and Sue Sisco came and taught the kids some new songs, it was lots of fun. I was greatly blessed and I  hope everyone else got a huge blessing from working together as a Christian community and look forward to more years to come.

Last Sunday Jerry Inman came and brought the message for us Sunday and Sunday night. His message was about going out and bringing sinners in and to be able to preach the word of God to them. I think I mentioned, our pastor has resigned so we are going to listen to some different preachers for a while, see where and who God leads us to.

This Sunday Jon Mitchell came and preached for us, I always enjoy hearing him bring the word of God. He talked about living and doing what God wants you to do. If He has a job for you to do, you better be doing it. We had one go to  the altar and be saved. Praise God for this soul, now we must keep praying for her, to help her on her journey as a Christain.

I kept my two youngest grandkids this weekend, Braxton and Alexis. We had a great time. We did some crafts, waded in the creek and played. We also took them to church with us Sunday. Now you know why I think the last two weeks have been great. If you can’t say your week was at least good, maybe you should be talking to God.

Till next time, take care.

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