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Dogwood Ramblings

I’ve been a bit under the weather lately so last week I opted out of writing for the Ramblings.  A few days in the hospital is not an inspiring place unless one is then able to walk out of there.  Hardly anyone offers items for the column and I’m sure many get tired of reading my personal ramblings.

It is inspiring when family, friends and neighbors do what they can to help, no matter the need.  However, no one sneaked me any food while in the hospital and due to some sort of clerical, staff or computer error, my diet at the hospital was certainly not encouraging to stay there.  They provided me with milk, which talks back to me so it just sat there on the tray; had tea, not my drink; powdered creamer for regular coffee even though I always drink decaf;  no eggs for me even though I am not allergic, but I cannot have the flu vaccine which is cultured in eggs.  The vampires were there several times a day to get blood, leaving me with a blackened arm and very sore fingers from monstrous puncture needles so they could test for diabetes (I am not diabetic) and offered insulin.  An MRI is a very nasty test and I was in that machine for 45 minutes so it is amazing I can still hear.  The medical folk on staff there were nice though.  Sleep is not easy to come by as someone is always there to “take your vitals”.

By the time I returned home my e-mail was loaded and quite a few phone messages. My dogs and cat were so excited for “mommy” to be home so they could get back to their (our) schedules.  Many people have called, some came by, receiving cards was nice.  Grandson Randy came with his family.  The three great grandbabies were so well behaved.  Harold Hoffman dropped in.  Of course, Bob and Dana Wagner call to check on me and Bob brings me the mail.

My friend Tina took me in to the office and helped me with the work there and then she took me to church on Sunday.  I’ve been keeping the Weeping Willow watered, however all the trees are looking sickly, their brown leaves littering the brown grass.  Perhaps it is time we got on our knees and prayed for some rain… well as for peace worldwide and for the health of our families, friends and neighbors.

Enough for now!  Hopefully someone in this area will call with news.

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