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Dogwood Ramblings

Election Day seemed a long one, as usual, and many more citizens showed up than we expected.  Of course, more people showing up does make the day go a bit faster, meeting new folks in this area and seeing those we’ve known for years but see rarely.  Also, we got to “catch up” on many, some good news and some sad news, some health issues, job changes, new babies, etc.  One topic was the condition of some of the gravel roads with which many are unhappy.  Many were very unhappy with the confusing language of some of the amendments and of course, we judges could not comment!  The judges brought sandwich makings, fresh vegetables, chips, etc.  One very nice lady from Spencer Twp. brought a fresh baked cake for us.  We look forward to seeing everyone in November for the general election.

Not all of us are happy with the election results but our system is supposed to be very good.  Now we pray our decisions were for the best.  Most voters came in with their identification in hand, but a few had to go get their identification, even though we judges knew the people.  Rules are rules.  Even my kith, kin and friends have to prove who they are.

Ron Boeddeker has been putting in quite a bit of time to repair and refurbish the old Oliver tractor that Randy Boeddeker acquired from Gerald Haynes.  The tractor looks better every time I see it.  Margie Haynes seemed surprised that anyone would put so much into “that old tractor”.  Ron’s grandson, Justin, is flying out this Wednesday to return to his mother, Regina, in Oregon.

Mike Stillings from just northwest of the Dogwood area tells us that his mother isn’t doing well and now is in Heart of the Ozarks in Ava.  Mike’s daughter, Cheyenne, had been spending much time caring for Mrs. Stillings.  Prayers for all of the Stillings family will be much appreciated.

School begins on Thursday the 14th.  Do watch for the children on streets and roads.  Pray for the sick, the suffering, and for all those suffering in the Mid-East….and for the slaughter to stop.

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