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Dogwood Ramblings

It seems the heat is on the way back for a while.  It is usual for the cattle to seek the woods and the ponds now and it is time to be watering the gardens.  Usually this time of year some of our gardeners bring produce to church to share with others and this year, not so much.  One generous person brought quite a bit of new potatoes and green beans, and I so enjoy those.

Surely most of you remember when we used to get catalogs in the mail on a regular basis, some thin ones and some over 2” thick.  One could spend hours going through all the pages of quite a variety of items.  I used to fold down the corner of a page here and there to “double check” a particular item of interest later and to ponder if I could afford such things.  Usually not!  But, it was fun.  Back in the 40’s it was interesting to visit my families’ farms in North Dakota and Minnesota because they always had catalogs in the half-moon house, for more than reading!  Of course, the mosquitoes usually drove us out of that “house” before long.

Have you done much shopping lately, particularly for groceries?  The prices are going up, up, and up while my income remains the same.  I have no argument for the beef farmers and dairy farmers getting more for their product as their expenses continue to go up as well.  Still, it does affect what I purchase, wondering how many meals I can get from a beef roast or a ham, or even a package of hamburger.  Bacon has really increased so now I cut the slab in half and just fry up a couple of half pieces at a time.

Today, Monday, is the day we finish up getting the garage ready for election and the day I finish up this column.  Rex has been here helping when he can.  Countryside came and made the yards presentable.  A few candidates have dropped in to visit.  The amendment issues are confusing as each side presents viable arguments, leaving us to guess which side is to our benefit.  I’ve done some research on the Internet and there again, each side does a good job of “explaining” their thinking.  Of course, the voters in Kansas City and St. Louis, as usual, override any votes from us in the countryside as they have been lambasted with convincing TV advertisements that a “yes” or “no” vote is in our best interests; and this advertising is usually paid for by out-of-state interests.  Why???  A few phone calls and e-mail requests have come in asking my opinion on this or that amendment and on candidates.  I have suggested they use their best judgment and pray for the best outcome.

Again, no news trickling in from the community!  I do welcome calls.  Pray for all.

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