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Dogwood Ramblings

How are your gardens doing?  My lone tomato plant provided all of two tomatoes.  I’ve heard others say it hasn’t been a good year for tomatoes.  It has turned off dry here and the Weeping Willow is showing too much yellow, in spite of being watered, and other tree leaves are yellowing as well.  We are pushing into August so all of this is to be expected.  Don’t allow the children to get too much sun and please do watch out for the elderly.

It is wonderful to hear from family and friends, especially when it has been a long time.  One cousin took some of my ancestral Weller genealogy and expanded it, sending me a copy.  Great grandson Justin has flown here from Oregon for a few weeks, staying with Grandpa Ron and family – my, but Justin has grown!  Rory and Debbie had company for several days.  Debbie’s Uncle Fritz Pearce and wife Wanda came with their granddaughter, 2 year old Madison.  They visited with many relatives here.  Fritz and his siblings were raised on “O” Highway.  They claim the Dogwood area as home ground and send their greetings to all who remember them.  I understand they get the Do. Co. Herald and wouldn’t miss Dogwood Ramblings.  Sure wish I had more local information for them.

The yards here are looking scraggly but hopefully, they will be mowed and looking nice before the upcoming election.  Much as I would like to have the house power washed it is unlikely that will be done before election.  Although I have asked for an estimate from a couple of businesses nothing has been forthcoming.  I still have work to do to get the garage presentable before election and hopefully someone will be interested in removing the two exercise machines the doctors don’t want me on, as well as the dozens of baskets and cookie tins no longer needed.  I offered the baskets and tins to a local church group, but so far, no one has taken advantage of this.  Tina Chriss tells me she will have an air conditioning unit here for the election so voters won’t have to suffer the heat.

Please do make yourself aware of candidates and of the other items on the ballots.

The worst predator on our planet is mankind.  Please do pray for all those around the world who are dying and suffering from starvation, bombings, children forced into war, women being attacked….and for what?  Power?  Greed?  Misplaced religious fervor?  Do pray for all.

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