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County Line

I want to wish Mike Strong of Hutchison, Kansas  late Happy Birthday.

Donna Dodson and Bryse Dodson were here on Monday.

On Tuesday Donna took Axel Hill, Challa Watkins, Quin and Macee Breeding to Ava Drug then stopped by here.

Diana Davis, Challa Watkins and Ashlin Parker was here on Wednesday.

Donna took Bryse, Quin and Macee to the pool on Thursday.

Megan Goforth went with Kobi Gasek and his family to West Plains for Kobi’s baseball games Thursday evening.

Lisa Hensley and Seth of Hartville visited John and Jo Stephens on Saturday.

Donna, Megan, Bryse, Quin, Macee and I went out to lunch and shopping on Friday.

Rheba Pool visited me on Saturday.

Quin visited Brayde Koop Saturday afternoon then Caden and Conner Prock Saturday evening.

Kobi Gasek, Ashton and Annias Stout visited Megan Goforth Saturday afternoon.

Donna and Macee visited Diana and Butch Davis Saturday evening then Macee spent the night with Granny and Papa. She was tired because she had spent Friday night with Hailey Edwards to celebrate Hailey’s birthday. They tried to stay up all night, but gave up around 1 a.m. She had a very good time.

Reece Goforth made it home on Sunday night from his mission trip to Kentucky. He visited Ethan Gunter after he got home.

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