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Church of the Living God

Thank the Lord for another week, hot, but the Lord still is Lord.

We had great Sunday morning and Sunday night services. Bro. Garry Hall brought God’s word.

Matthew 7:7-8, ask, seek, find, knock and it shall be opened unto you, in other words we have to do some things ourselves, not be lazy. Bro. Gary said, “your prayer life is the key to your Christian life and depend on the word.” God will supply all your needs, but we have to be obedient. Prayer changes things. I Thess. 5:17, “pray without ceasing, my favorite passage on prayer, if I have any, is II Chronicles 7:14, “if my people, which are called by name, that scripture covers a multitude of situations, read it often.

There also, we have to do some work, humble ourselves, pray, seek, turn from our wicked ways, He will do what?

Read Jeremiah 33:3, another promise from God, call and He will answer. Prayer is the key.

The evening word was inspiring too. The first scripture was II Timothy 2:1-4, “be strong in the grace, endure hardness as a good soldier,”  read on.

We all know Ephesians 6:10. We need the whole armour of God, I like the words, “having done all stand.” God will fight our battles for and with us. Thank the Lord for these two messages, God did bless.

We are located at the corner of N.W. 6th Ave. and N.W. 7th St.

Come visit and see what we are all about.

We are a full gospel church, believe the King James from cover to cover, and Christ crucified and rose again, and is coming again for His people.

Wednesday night Bible study at 7:00 p.m. Sunday morning at 10:00 a.m. and Sunday school and 11:00 a.m. morning service.

This Sunday Bion Irwin will be preaching the services. Come and enjoy God’s word.

Thought for the week, “If God can’t bless it, leave it alone.”

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