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Church of the Living God

All kinds of weather, different temps, I love the cool mornings when I think I might need a light jacket, but decide not to, I will enjoy the goosebumps when I can have them in the hot summer time.

We had good services this Sunday. The morning message was given by Michael Marah.

It was from Genesis 4:3, Cain gave the best of his harvest and God was pleased. Abel’s offering was not respected by the Lord.

The way Abel offered his share was unpleasing to God.

We give the first fruits of our labors, 10 percent, but our hearts should be joyful in our giving.

Do we today give of our best to the Lord in thanksgiving or grudgingly what belongs to him?

The evening service was a great blessing to everyone. Bonnie Bolding and Zelda Graham were with us. They both have been very ill, but God is still in the miracle business and he does answer prayer.

Bro. Burl Conrad had the evening message.

He preached on being prepared and watching for our Lord’s return.

Rev. 3:19 tells us he loves us, that’s why he rebukes and chastises us, when, through the preacher an his word, he speaks to us.

Come see us. We are located at the corner of N.W. 6th Ave. and N.W. 7th.

Next Sunday, August 3 Bub Coonce will be bringing the message in the morning and evening. Come expecting a blessing.

God doesn’t have to look for the answer, He is the answer.

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