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8-17-14. Hello to everyone. I trust you all had a good week. I sure did. I got to go on a float trip in a canoe for the very first time. I have spent a lot of time in the water either swimming or in a boat, but never a canoe. I appreciate Kenny Wiles vast knowledge of how to maneuver the canoe. I never turned it over. I did however, step into the canoe after a brief stop to swim; one leg went into the canoe pushing it to the right while the left leg was going to the left. It has been a long time since I tried to do gymnastics, so needless to say, it  was one of those times you wished you had cameras ready. All in all, I have not had any better time than floating the Buffalo River. You see the beauty of God in His great creation that you just can’t see from a car or a hiking trail. What a great God we have and serve.

Our Sunday school began with the reading of Psalms 70. Brother Danny Lee opened with prayer. We have really missed him and Michelle and Sammy. We are so glad to have them back. We’re glad to have Heath ahd Jenny Kirklin and their three sweet kids back too. Heath has been out due to a dislocated shoulder and couldn’t drive. Jenny doesn’t have to work Sundays anymore so she was able to bring them all back. We are thankful they are back with us.

The Sunday school lesson came from I John the first and second chapters. John is reminding us to walk in the light with fellowship doing His will. We are to strive to not sin, but if we sin we have an advocate through the son of God, Jesus Christ. This does not give us the go ahead to intentionally sin and if we say we have no sin, we are lying for we all sin and come short in the way of a Holy and Almighty, righteous God. Jesus is the only propitation for our sins. His blood can cover the whole world, but there are many that will deny Christ. They will continue to doubt there is a God let alone His son. Some will admit there is a God, but they deny the Messiah, Jesus Christ, has come. If we refuse God’s Son, we will suffer the wrath of God because Jesus won’t know us if we have not asked Him into our hearts. Therefore, we will have no defense when we stand before God at His judgment. Let us abide in Christ and him in us so we can be a testimony to all that are around us. God forgive me of my unrighteousness and help me to be what you want me to be rather than what I am, in Jesus name, Amen.

Our service changed to our worship service with congregational and special singing. Brother Cub (Joe) Lafferty took the sermon from St. Matthew chapter 25 verses 14 through 30. Jesus is using a parable to teach His followers that whatever talents or gifts we are given, we are not to hide them, but to grow and increase in His Spirit. One was given five talents, one was given two and onewas given one. These were given from the Lord according to each one of their abilities. God puts nothing on us that we can’t bear. Two of these servants served their master by doubling their talents. The one with five doubled to ten. The one with two doubled it to four. God or their master was pleased by their obedience. The one that had only the one hid it and after a long time, the master came. The disobedient servant acussed his master of being a hard man reaping where he had not sewn, gathering where he had not strawed. He claimed he was afraid so he hid it. He did no work to increase for his master. He was lazy and didn’t do any work. He was honest to his master and he even gave back the talent that was given him. Jesus ends this parable when the master confronted the lie about his character by telling him, “you knew I did not gather where I did not straw nor reap where I had not sown.” He then takes the one talent and gives it to the one that had ten. The master then orders the “wicked and slothful servant to be thrown into outer darkness where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth. God calls each and every one of us to a purpose. If we refuse His son, we have hid our gift of promise to eternal life. If we have accepted Jesus, we will have works that will follow to give more praise unto our God. We have the assurance of eternity with Him. Let us all strive to not hide the gifts God gave us, but use them to His glory and honor; thereby testifying to bring more into the fold by leading them to the only Savior, Jesus Christ. God help all of your Christian followers to do this that we may be pleasing to Him.

Until next week, may God’s blessing be upon you. If you have no church home, remember you will always be welcome here at Breedon.

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