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We all assembled for worship at the ten o’clock hour and Joe Lafferty read the 67 Psalms before starting our lesson. Our lesson was in II Peter, 2nd chapter. This is a good chapter to refresh our minds to resist temptations of sin. Some who proclaim they are of Christ, may not be. We should pray that none of us is a stumbling block for others.

Joe preached the 13th chapter of Matthew 23rd verse; for the 11 o’clock service.

Ronnie Thomas dismissed in prayer.

Evening service started with congregational singing. Joe Lafferty preached in Matthew the 16th chapter. We didn’t have very many people, but we had a good service. We had a testimony time, which is always good to tell what Jesus has done for each of us. Sue Thomas dismissed us in prayer. After Sunday school, Sue and Ronnie Thomas and Joe and I went to Judy’s to practice some songs to sing. Sometimes we have to refresh our memory as it’s been a while since we sang some of them. We alll had a good visit and fellowship with each other. I think lots of time we forget to fellowship and share with others the blessings of God. It sure makes us stronger to know that other Christians have things that the Lord has helped them with. We need to pray and help our brothers and sisters along.

Our Friday night singing is at 7:00 p.m. Bring a song and sing along. We will have refreshments after singing. God bless.

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