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The Youth Rally ended last week, but the cup stacking race has continued. Sally’s best time yet is thirty-four seconds.  We understand that there are those who want to beat that time. We will see what happens next.

We’ve had some people bringing in vegetables to share. During the past week we’ve had Swiss chard, egg plant, zucchini, onions, etc. We are thankful to everyone who brings in the garden produce and to the good Lord for blessing their gardens.

Bethany Baptist Church had homemade Pizza and a movie, Friday night. The movie was set in the twenties in a mill town where the “Up Town” folks lived separated from the “Mill” folks. The story was about a young boy growing to a man with a single minded desire to make it big in baseball. What happened was that the young man found the Lord and escaped what would have been a life of failure as a drunkard.

Darlene and Sally Sorensen sang a special song, Sunday morning, which they picked up from the Nelson Sisters while they were in Arkansas last week.

Pastor Bob Sorensen brought a message from I Peter 5:5-10 on “How to get your life out of the pits.”

Christians have a good reason to endure in spite of the prosperity of the wicked. If you find yourself tempted to throw in the towel in what seems like a losing battle, turn it over to Jesus. Surrender your will to God. Cast your worries upon God. Strengthen your walk with God. We are told to be sober and vigilant. The Bible warns us that the devil, who hates us and wants to see us destroyed, is like a lion. He is stronger than a man, he builds on our fears and fears paralyze faith. If he can cause you to doubt God, he wins.

We can’t fight him on our own. But we can resist. We are told that if we will resist Satan, he will flee. When we resist Satan because we want to follow God, God will provide grace that is sufficient for that trial. We will suffer grief and failure in this life. A victory today may be followed with another trial tomorrow. But remember that God is able to deliver and think about the glory he has promised to those who endure the trouble and trials. There is a place where there will be no more tears, no death, no sorrow, and no more temptation. That is future, but he is with you now to strengthen you.

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