Bethany Baptist Church

The “Roast Sally” event came off without too much embarrassment for Sally. Her face did get red a couple of times, but generally all the comments just made her smile. The folks at Bethany Baptist Church told about some of the things that Sally had said or done that endeared her to them. Going off to college is a major thing in any life, and most of us think that it came all too quick. We all do wish her well.

There was a lot of good food set out at 5:00 followed by a service of music and testimonies. Special songs were sung by the Jubilee Singers, the Youth Group, Dan Stillings, Norma Stillings, and Darlene Sorensen with guitar, mandolin, and Autoharp. Sally Sorensen sang a solo and then sang a song with her mother, Darlene.

We were pleased to have several guests in the Sundaymorning services and for the evening fellowship. Guests are always welcome.

Pastor Bob Sorensen’s Sunday morning message asked, “Where did God find you?”

God found Paul on the Damascus Road, Zacchaeus in a tree, Peter in a boat, Billy Sunday in a gutter, each one lost in sin and on the road to Hell. In the parable, the good shepherd searched until he found his lost sheep. Jesus our own good shepherd paid the ultimate penalty for our sin and began the search for our own souls. When Jesus finds us, when we accept him, he sets us on the road to heaven.

If we remember and truly understand where God found us and what he did for us, it will cause us to search his word to find his will and to seek to please him. It will cause us to work for the Lord and not sit on the side line. It will cause us to be secure in our faith, kept by his grace through his power. It will cause us to be separated from the world and enable us to have the joyful fruit of the Holy Spirit.

Has God found you? Where does your real joy come from? Do you prefer to follow the lusts of the flesh or to follow the direction of the Holy Spirit? Are you lost or have you been found?