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Bethany Baptist Church

Sunday, August 24 Bethany Baptist Church will be having a fellowship supper at 5 P.M. followed at 6 P.M. by a special service with music and testimonies. This will also be a going away party for Sally Sorensen, who will be going off to college in Pensacola, Florida for the fall. It was suggested that this should be an occasion to “roast Sally,” but there are some who do not want to “roast” her at all, but to express their love for her.

Joe and Linda Wood had returned from a vacation right here in Missouri. They visited at the State Fair in Sedalia and somehow ended up at the Lake of the Ozarks. It may not have been as exotic as some of their previous vacations, but they reported that they had a good time.

Our song leader, Dan Stillings, has spent a great deal of time this summer working with the Douglas County Fair Board in their effort to bring good clean entertainment to the community. He worked to have the grounds in good shape and spent considerable time this last Saturday on the ATV Rodeo and the Truck Pull. The latter event did not finish until well after midnight. He did not fall asleep at church, but he may have yawned a couple of times.

Dan Stillings sang a special song Sunday morning. This song went well with the message, “Putting God First.”

It was noted of the Apostles that they forsook all they had to follow Jesus. Peter, Andrew, James and John were successful as fishermen. Following Jesus was not going to make them wealthier in the human sense. They left their occupation because of their faith that Jesus was indeed the Christ the Son of God.  They laid aside a normal concern for the provision of food, clothing, and shelter to serve God. They found the truth of the statement “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousnesss; and all these things shall be added unto you.” This is not just a matter of putting God first in the handling of money, but of time and energy, personal goals and ambitions.

The freedoms we enjoy we have because someone who went before us sacrificed their time, energies, and even their lives.  The command to Christians is to go out and rescue the perishing, but where is our zeal and dedication to that task? Have we put God first in our lives?

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