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Jimmy and Susan Nichols were with us for a week’s Youth Rally. It was evident from the start that the Lord has His hand on this man. His ministry takes him into children’s homes, juvenile detention centers, prisons, youth rallies, and summer camps.

Jimmy grew up in a children’s home; living there from the age of four until he graduated from high school.  He understands the bitterness that can rule a young person’s life. There is a void left when children grow up without the love of parents or the knowledge that God loves them. Young people will often try to fill that void with drugs, alcohol, and sex, but these only bring a temporary ease and they are left with the void. Jimmy’s message is that the void can be filled when we have peace with God.

We cannot have peace with God until we have dealt with our sin problem.  We have to recognize that we do have a sin problem and that it separates us from God. Today most of our youth have been told that there is no God to fear, they do not know that the wages for sin is death, or that Jesus paid that penalty for our sins so that we can have peace with God.  Jimmy has been called to give that message to the youth of America. By the grace of God, Jimmy has been able to present the gospel of Jesus Christ to thousands of youth across America.

Each evening of the rally started out with the singing of some songs. Susan Nichols has a good singing voice that God gave her for his service. Then there were games. It is surprising how fierce the competition is on something that looks simple such as stacking plastic cups into a tall pyramid and bringing them down again. It was not so simple though, but before the week was over the competitors had brought the winning time under one minute.

There were snacks every evening and the evening ended each night with a “Penny Contest.” The competition for that is also fierce. The boys won this year, but there was no loser. The girls had as much fun with it as the boys. The real winners are the missionaries.

Pastor Bob, Darlene, and Sally drove to Highland, Arkansas for a Pastor’s Conference from Monday through Wednesday this week.

There will be Pizza and a Movie at the church, Friday evening. Pastor Bob reminded us that this would be the last Pizza and Movie Night before Sally goes off to college.

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