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All Around Bradleyville

So thankful for the nice rains we have been getting. It should really help with our fall pasture and the next hay cutting. My flowers are sure enjoying it. I am not the most consistent when it comes to watering flowers and it has finally dawned on me that is why they don’t look so good during the hot summertime weather we usually have, so I have tried to be better this summer and water almost every morning.

I met up with Ann Fuller last week and got some pink, single bloom hollyhock seeds from her and also some winter creeper. I love the old-fashioned, single bloom hollyhocks. My Grandma Sloan had a backyard full of hollyhocks and I remember them so fondly. It is hard to find seeds for the single blooming ones. The seed companies, even the heirloom seed companies I have tried don’t usually have them. I have a few burgundy colored ones, but crave a few different colors.

School will be starting this week and I encourage everyone to stay aware and watch for the bus stops. The highway department puts up the signs and orange flags to remind us also, which is wonderful. Along with school starting there will be volleyball games and Jr. High basketball through September and October.

Don and Robyn Whittaker and daughter, Sarah, took a 12 day trip out west. They went to the Badlands, Mt. Rushmore, Yellowstone, Devil’s Tower, Glacier Park, Logans’ Pass, Puget Sound, the San Juan Islands, Berthoud Pass and Kremmling, Colorado. Donnie and his family lived in Kremmling for a few months in 1952 and they took a picture of the place they stayed in. Robyn said they saw elk, moose, deer, antelope, buffalo and a momma grizzly and her two cubs. She said the best part of the trip was seeing daughter Sheila and family in Everett, Washington.

Last Saturday New Mansion Church youth group made a trip to Dickerson Park Zoo. Julie and I took all four of her kids. We were very thankful Alicia, Jason, Danielle, Jared and Hayden were there also to help wrangle all of them. Of course we were a half hour late because we are always a half hour late when it involves all the kids, but they enjoyed it and so did we. Garrett thought the tiger was cool because it started growling and walking while we were looking at it. The black bear was really up close to the viewing glass when we were looking at it and he thought that was really funny also.

Next Saturday is going to be fun too, we are going to attend the talent show and chili/spaghetti dinner to raise money for the New Mansion Mission Team for the mission trip to Faith Home Orphanage, Honduras. There are around twenty entries from the area that are going to be in the talent show and there will also be a silent auction. The Hunsaker Family will be singing before and after the talent show. Sounds like it will be a wonderful time. It will start at 2:00 in the afternoon on Saturday, August 16 at the Whiter River Youth Camp in between Taneyville and Kissee Mills Jct.

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