George and Violet Blakey came and brought me some tomatoes and picked up their eggs last Monday and then I took eggs to Donna and Kellie and my news in.

Mary Martha Williams, Carol Moore and Hellen Blakey went to Houston to their O.E.S. Friendship Meeting last Tuesday night. I canned pumpkin and pumpkin butter that day.

Thursday I took eggs in to the ladies at the courthouse and I got some groceries for Sunday and then I took Chris the backing for my last baby quilt that she is quilting for me. They will go to the grand chapter where they will give them to St. Jude’s Hospital for boys and girls that have cancer. This is one of our Worthy Grand Matron projects. She had cancer and she fought it, but didn’t make it so I hope there will be lots of baby quilts at the Grand Chapter this year in October.

Have your quilt at the lodge hall by the first Monday in October and Mary Martha will take them to the Grand Chapter for us.

I thought my air conditioner wasn’t working right so Mac came and looked and he said it was okay, it just has to run longer since it is so hot.

Mike Bock came and brought me some tomatoes and bell peppers Saturday and picked up some things I needed for them.

Ellis was in town so he came and got his and Mark’s raisin cream pie that I made them. That night when James, Kristie and Lakota got back to town from Lakota’s team playing three games in this hot weather they stopped by and picked up their pie.

After church Sunday we had dinner for Ric and family because next Sunday will be his last Sunday at Mt. Tabor. Boy did we have lots of food, I think everyone had all they could eat and we brought food home.

I stopped by John and Jo’s to see how John was making it with his new upper teeth and he was doing just great, so I left a piece of raisin cream pie and some pea salad.

Nina Carter’s second cousin, Andy Tyler from Texas, was with us in church Sunday and after we had dinner Nina and Andy headed out to look for the old Tyler homestead and they found it, but it wasn’t like it use to be and we all know about that. Andy is the grandson of Seth Tyler and Jennie Spurrier Tyler and she is a sister to Nina’s grandfather, William Spurrier. Nina and Andy had never met until he came to Ava.

Let’s keep those prayers going for our sick folks because there are still lots of sick ones out there.

My prayers and sympathy goes out to all that have lost a loved one.

Let’s keep our leaders and the men and women in the service and their families and the ones in training in our prayers.

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