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I was busy baking bread and making noodles last Monday for the next day.

Last Tuesday I fixed some chicken and noodles in the morning and then I went and voted, took my news in, stopped by Town and Country and picked up some chicken for Jo Stephens and then I dropped eggs off at the eye doctor before I took food out to Tom and Donna Nichols’ for their dinner after her mother’s funeral. I then came home and changed clothes and went to the church for Mae Cox’s funeral at one.

Wednesday I took the eggs in to the ladies at the courthouse.

By eight Thursday evening I had received .9 of an inch of rain and Friday morning I had another .2 of an inch. We had some more showers, but they didn’t measure.

I got to see Lakota a few times this week because they had practice and she had to wait for a while before she went back to town. School will start this Thursday and I won’t get to see her very much.

Ellis came over Friday and we went up to Rogersville to see Chase Blakey, Blythe and Chesnea.

After Sunday school Kevin Rowe and the Prodigal Son preformed for us for an hour and all their songs was so full of the Lord, so all that didn’t make it to Mt. Tabor sure missed a blessing.

Let’s keep our sick folks in our prayers because they still need them.

My prayers and sympathy go out to all who have lost a loved one.

Let’s pray for our leaders and the men and women in the service and their families and the ones in training.

Friday was Lenore Burton’s birthday and I didn’t get her call. I don’t know if she remembers where she was last year on her birthday, but I do because I took her an angel food cake. Lenore, Betty and Freeda was all down at Mt. Tabor Church for the singing. It was good to see them all together.

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