With beef prices soaring more folks are buying pork and the usual purchase of chicken and fish as well. Increased fuel and feed costs along with drought conditions is said to be the cause of higher beef prices. We are advised to look for cheaper cuts and learn how to cook them to the best advantage.

I appreciate continued birthday greetings for my July 1st birthday. It’s really nice to hear from old and new friends alike. I wish all of you as happy a birthday time as I have had, and an extended one, as I have had more greetings the past week.

Daughter, Kristin Luebbert, celebrated her July 16th birthday in Tillamook, Oregon. Karen K. Davis has a July 29th birthday coming up next Tuesday.

At this writing we are needing rain. Though its fairly dry, weeds are growing and lawns require mowing.

I heard recently the prediction of a hot dry summer, but hopefully they are misinformed.

Best wishes to Rev. Marvin Wray in Ava, who has a July 24th birthday reaching his 90th. He is my cousin by marriage and he and wife, Faye, lived at Lilly Ridge several years, building several houses there. Her father preached some at Lilly Ridge and other churches. He and wife lived there a few years. Many good wishes are sent for a special birthday.

Prayers are for Maxine Smith as she is hospitalized from injuries suffered in a head-on collision at Lilly Ridge area. She will soon be in the Good Samaritan nursing facility at Mountain Home for continued therapy.

Sylvia Carson and daughter, Theresa, from North Pekin, Illinois visited in this area last week. They visited a short time with Edith McKinnon and me and Sylvia’s sisters. Edith had lunch at Dawt Mill with them. Edith’s daughter, Zoe Ann and husband, Randy Sally and Sharon Garcia were here last week for a few days.

Bettie Barcus stopped by Edith McKinnon’s Sunday afternoon on her way home from church.

It was nice to receive birthday greetings from Peggy Jo (Boone) Walker and to hear from them occasionally also, as her mother taught school and lived in our home at Lilly Ridge. She feels like we were her mother’s family back then and she was a young woman teaching away from her Springfield home.

Doris Treiber and I had a visit by phone Sunday evening. She has a problem with honey bees on her hummingbird feeders.

Continued prayer are sent Imogene Grisham’s way and it was good news to hear she has improved somewhat. Best wishes to her and Bobby also.

I appreciate Marsha Lyon of Dora for a gift of sweet corn which I enjoyed Sunday and Monday. Yes, if I’m asked I do miss my garden.

Ernestine Guiley’s had knee surgery in Mountain Home a few weeks ago and has found it takes some time to recuperate. Best wishes!

I read where the Vets Administration was established in 1930 on July 21st.

After gardeners harvest their early gardens, fall gardens are usually planted in late July and early August.

Daylight savings time ends November 2nd. Remember if someone doesn’t have a smile, give them one of yours.