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Sunday, June 29 was the second Sunday after Trinity, but as it is also the Holy Day commemorating Saint Peter the Apostle, the altar and vestment colors were red as they are on days commemorating the martyr saints, representing the blood of the saint.  Bishop Hartley was ill at home and unable to be with us, so in place of  Holy Communion, which must be administered by a priest, we held the service of Morning Prayer led by our lay leaders, Joe Criswell and Tom Berthold.  Joe delivered a sermon prepared for the day by Bishop Hartley whose theme was the Feast of St. Peter.  Peter was not perfect, but he was a member of Jesus’s inner circle and was considered the mouth piece of the disciples.  One of his flaws was that he swore he would not deny Jesus, but did so.  We can relate to him because he had to struggle with his faith.  In the famous passage from St. Matthew Jesus askes who do you think that I am and Peter answered, “Thou art the Christ,” which was a breakthrough moment in the history of the church.  In another famous passage Jesus tells Peter that he is the rock on which Jesus will build His church, meaning that Peter’s confession of faith is the rock on which the church is built.

Saturday I attended a very enjoyable reunion of Ava High School alumni held at the Southern Baptist Church where we were treated to much excellent food and fellowship and I had a good visit with my cousins, Donald Gene and Betsy Kester, always a pleasure.  My appreciation to those who organized the event and provided such a good time for us all.

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