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Sunday morning service was opened by Brother Roberts taking prayer requests and prayer. The Praise Team then led us in praise songs.

Brother Roberts brought the message from Romans 12:1-3, “Staying Focused in Today’s World.”

We are glad to hear that Arleen Henningson is doing better. Carl Peak called the other day and was doing pretty good. We got a report that Rex Hartin is in rehab now after suffering a stroke. Prayers still going up for all who are recuperating from illnesses and injuries.

We are sad to hear of a former neighbor, Donnis Elliott, losing her daughter.

Well, Delmar and I made it to our 10th anniversary on Sunday July 6th. We enjoyed the day by attending church then celebrated by going out to eat.

We had company this week and those visiting were George and Violet Blakey and Violet’s sister Joyce, Bevy Moore, Keith and Donna Bannister, Norman Rosseau, Jack and Barb Breshears, Justin and Janie Colburn, Beth Stafford, Johnathon Snelson and Don Cunningham.

Delmar finally has had three or four ripe tomatoes from his vines.

We are feeling the need for some nice showers again.

Until next week, just remember that attitude is an inward feeling expressed by behavior.

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