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Additions to prayer list:  Helen’s mom –Vera Dixon; Jr. Johnson; Freida (Sharon Renfrow’s sister); Scotty Parks; Darrell and Gena Neuroth; Kenny Northcut family; Joy and Vic Mills; Jerry Lee; Bernice Price; Kay Garrison; Tammy’s mom and uncle; Shirley Moore; Kendra Tate; Madison and Blake; travelers; and all the problems in foreign countries and our United States.

The choir did a special.

Bulletin:  July 27- evening the ladies will take charge of the services; Children’s Church: Virginia Serghides, Helen Batten and Sandy Housley; Brumley Gospel sing at the Civic Center in Lebanon, August 6-9; First Quarterly Meeting at Willow Springs Church (north of Mtn. Grove) on August 9th; Ladies Day at the church on August 23rd.

Birthdays:  Sandy Housley and daughter Annette, Charlie, Jamie Guilliams, Donnie Ellis, and Charlene.

Anniversaries:  Sharon and Van Renfrow.

Helen led the children with a song and Jade recited all the books in the New Testament.  Tammi Housley  did a special, as well as, Virginia Serghides during the evening with a reading about a man who was stealing from his neighbor’s garden, so the neighbor hired the man to guard his garden.  Bro. Rick was commenting on how full the church was today with regular members and visitors.  He said to shake a hand, visit, and make everyone feel welcome.

His sermon today was from John 8:41, Luke 18, Mark 8, John 11: 47-48, and John 6:26.  He preached on “Good Intentions”.  Jesus confronted the Pharisees, calling them hyprocrites; John the Baptist called them serpents.  The Pharisees had good intentions when they bragged on how they prayed, on how they were not adulterers, how they were just, tithed and prayed daily.  Something was not right with the Pharisees on the inside.  He referred to an old Randy Travis song where the mother taught her son the right thing, but he did wrong things and ended up in jail.  The mother had good intentions, but the son didn’t.  He also gave an example of a preacher who started out right; then the church grew, he received lots of compliments, money increased, he got involved in politics, etc. and before long he got off track even though he started out with good intentions.  He reminded us that Rock Chapel should be a place where we are concerned about souls, a place where we follow the scriptures, and a place where we don’t forget the Lord.  We should all ask ourselves questions.  What is the real reason we are doing what we are doing? What do we believe?  Do we do the things the Lord wants us to, etc?  Always Pray for each other.  We all have burdens and needs.  Visitors are always welcome.  Questions-call Bro. Rick at 683-5657 or 250-0918.

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