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7-21-14. Well, here we go again. We had wonderful cool weather as hot as it is some places. I just feel sorry for everyone, everywhere that don’t have air conditioning at times like this.

I went to my Tipton doctor last Tuesday and she was asking me all kinds of questions about my health and I told her I’ve been having a lot of heart flutters and running out of breathe a lot of time before I finish a sentence. She increased the usage of one of my inhalers and sent me to Trinity Hospital in Bettendorf to get a heart monitor to record what all is going on. We went up there, got hooked up to it, then had to charge the battery three hours when I got home then call a number to get set up. I called and had to go through this thing and that thing. Take the snaps off, snap back on, take battery out, put it back in, unplug the monitor from the electricty feed, plug it back in, wait thirty minutes and call them back. I finally told them my heart was doing flip flops from all that. It took almost all afternoon and they finally said I was out of range where I live and to put it in a big envelope provided and send it by UPS to the lab which was somewhere in Connecticut. I told them this is a little town, no UPS and I don’t even know where one is at. So I called Trinty and asked if I could bring it back there and she said yes. So we went up there and took it the next morning (Friday) and went on over to East Moline and saw Candi and Jarred a while before they left, then back to the house to sit the pets while Candi and Jarred went to Chicago to see Blake Shelton and Neal McCoy.

Saturday morning we went back to Hy-Vee and met Berta, Denny and Frank Dee for breakfast and as usual we had a good visit with them.

Saturday afternoon Walt’s granddaughter, Glenda, came over with little, sweet Emma Kay. She’s a year old now and we had never seen her. We were overjoyed to get to see her. She just couldn’t be any cuter or sweeter. She weighed less than 4 lbs. when she was born, but she’s really come out of it. Just as lively as can be and just beautiful. Also visiting was Emma’s dad (I think his name is Ken, but can’t remember for sure) Glenda’s mother, Janette, her twin brother, Garrett, and her sister, Randi Marie. We were really glad we got to see all of them and of course, we had a wonderful visit with all of them.

Not so good a week, but a very good weekend. Now I need to get a hold of some of my family and see if the water has went down at my grandson, Jared’s house. I hope it took the fish with it.

Well, I guess that’s enough for this time, so take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.

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