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7-14-14. Hello again:  We’re still getting rain, storms, and flooding.  The river is going down a little in the Quad City area.  Grandson Jared, has got fish swimming in the back yard.  I feel sorry for him, his family, and all the others who are flooded.  Think about the mess when it does all go down.  It’s one thing when people build right by the river knowing it will flood every year and they always say it’s worth it to live on the river, but when someone buys a house that’s not on the river and are told it doesn’t flood, then that’s different.  According to the Quad City Times it has flooded six times in three years.

Daughter Anita had her second eye surgery last week.  Everything went well again.  The doctor told her she has good vision now, so that’s a very good thing.

On Wednesday of last week, we went to the Illinois Quad Cities and ran our monthly errands.  We had the pleasure of granddaughter Candi’s company for lunch again.  We finally figured out a way to get to see her at least once a month now.  We will be there at the house the 18th and 19th to pet sit again while they to to Chicago to see a Blake Shelton concert.  I’m sure that will be good.

I saw my friend, Verna from the Bahamas in Wal-Mart one day.  The first time I’d seen her for a long time.  She sure is nice and I enjoy talking to her.  Of course we talked about our aches and pains.  She’s got a lot of health problems.  She said she had broke her shoulder and arm and has been in rehab for that.  She lived alone and had to quit driving, but her daughter lives with her now and does the driving.  I told her I have so many things wrong with me I’m afraid people wouldn’t believe me if I told them, think I’m a hypochondriac.

Goodness gracious!  What are we gonna do with all those immigrants?  I’m sure glad I’m not the one who has to decide.  The little kids who are traveling along are the ones I’m really concerned about.  Some of their parents are already in the U.S. and left them behind to be killed or whatever.  I think they should be punished.  Maybe just sending them back would be punishment enough.  Well, it’s not for me to decide, thank goodnes..

Y’all take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.

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