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6-30-14. Happy birthday to granddaughter, Lisa. We went to the restaurant yesterday and took her gifts. Anita came with gifts too. Her hubby, Carl, her son, Jared, Carrie and Zoie, Anita’s Dad, Trevis, and of course, Walt and yours truly were there. We had a good lunch as usual and Anita brought cupcakes and a slice of regular cake for Lisa. The weather was nice and it was a great day.

Anita had eye surgery last week and can now see out of her left eye again. She didn’t know her eyesight was so bad until she got the cataract off and can see so much better now. She said she wondered how she was ever able to drive with her eye that bad. It’s hard to believe her regular eye doctor would have let it go that long. They’re going to do her other eye before long.

I was up almost all night watching the weather channel and the storms. There’s more of the same storms in Des Moines and heading the way. We’re supposed to get strong to severe weather when it gets here. We’re going to stay home today. After today and tonight it’s supposed to be nice. I guess we’ll stop, catch our breath and get ready for next month. We’re going to be busy again. I guess that’s good, it keeps us young (I hope.)

Walt’s (our) niece, Renee, called him and said she got a job at All Steel in Muscatine. She is now real close to her work, probably about ten minutes depending on traffic. We’re glad to hear that. We worried about her driving so far to Geneseo, Il. through the winter weather and now stormy weather and of course, about the cost of gas. I saw a picture of her brother, Mitch, in the paper last week. He was with his class reunion.

There was some bad damage in Clinton, Iowa last night. Lots of flooding all over Iowa. Anita told me yesterday that Jacob and Kaz aren’t sure now if they will name the baby “Melody Faye” after all. I said, “Oh no, I’ve already told everybody!” Ha. As if it has to do with what I’ve told people. It’s so hard to realize Lisa is 39 today and going to be a grandma. She will be such a good one. She loves that baby so much already. I do too. We all do. I was hoping Jacob would be there yesterday, but he wasn’t.

I was watching the weather channel last night and they listed the ten worst tornadoes in the U.S. history and Joplin was No. 4.

Well, I better quit trying to think of something to write about and say take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.

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