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Our porch is about the most lived in space in our home I think.  Not only are evenings spent on the porch, but early mornings too.  The crickets are still chirping, the roosters are crowing, the birds are singing in the trees while the sun rises casting its beams between the leaves warming the earth.  The four legged critters find a sunny spot on the ground and stretch out as if being plugged into a battery charger.  The air is sticky this morning and I anticipate the garden to be teaming with more mosquitoes as we brave the elements in order to rescue the tomato plants from the squishy, green hornworms that threaten their existence.

The Japanese beetles have made lace out of the leaves on the apple trees so we ventured out to the local farm store to find a beetle trap.  Apparently, everyone else is battling them too, so the feed store was sold out of everything except the pheromone lures for the traps.  Out of sheer desperation, I brought one home and began to figure out how to make a trap out of a ziplock bag.  I found a plastic cone similar to what is needed for the beetles in an old hornet trap and cut the old plastic off of it.  Next I used a few strips of shipping tape, cut it down the middle lengthwise, and taped the lure inside the ziplock bag just below where the cone would sit.  Then the ziplock bag got rubber-banded around the yellow cone and the top edges folded over and pulled down enough to let the beetles get to the inside of the cone.  I snipped two tiny snips in the bottom of the bag in case it rains so the water will drain out and tied it up with some old hay twine.  By nightfall, there were at least a hundred beetles in there.  The down side was that I got that lure stuff all over my hands while taping it to the inside of the bag and while I was hanging the bag, the beetles were swarming me.  A few even followed me back to the house.  Making do with what you have is always fun, but next time I’ll wear some rubber gloves!

The grass needs mowed again.  I am grateful for the grass we have been able to grow, truly I am.  It is beautiful when it’s freshly mowed.  It’s just the thought of having to get out in the hot sun with the bugs flying and the sweat dripping that makes having grass a bit less desirable.  I spent a few years of my childhood in Brazil where there was hardly any grass to be found in anyone’s yard.  Yards were tiled with large clay tiles like the roofs.  We had a small square that wasn’t tiled where a banana tree and some other native cacti grew.  There was no grass to mow. Even though we just got the grass to grow, I already find myself considering what the yard would look like covered in small creek pebbles…..wait, what’s that noise I hear?  Ah!  My dear husband mowing!  What a blessing.

Today is filled with errands for the farm like running to my favorite feed store.  I love the feed store we go to.  The ladies there are incredible and can help us figure out exactly what we need when we ask for something and aren’t exactly sure what we are needing.  Sweet Mrs. H. is always happy to walk me through my chicken troubles and always finds little goodies for the chicken coop that makes my life easier.  I love days that consist of a feed store run!  The boys load everything and are so polite and friendly.  I just can’t say enough about small town places around here.  They sure beat the big corporate places each and every time.  Well enough babbling, I’d better get moving since my coffee is gone and get on with my day.

Have a blessed week!

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