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If summer is not here, I’m not sure what you call this. The air was so hot and muggy this Sunday morning you had to walk “through” it. If you wanted to go to a water park, just sit out in the playground for a half hour and you might be swimming in your clothes.

Our Sunday school lesson was taken from I Corinthians and addressed the subject of unity in the church. Then in morning worship service the message tied in very well with the lesson, taken from the third chapter of I Corinthians entitled “Our Life’s Work Tested.” Our unity with the body of Christ will have a great deal to do with whether or not we received God’s blessing on our works. If our works fail to be the will of God, we will not be rewarded.

Then the evening message was “The Triumphant Life.” We all want to lead a triumphant life, and we will as long as we follow the example and the will of the Master. In preparation for this message I came across a reference in II Corinthians regarding the triumphant life of Christ. Then in a commentary on the same scripture I read some ones attempt to explain the reference to “savor,” which is a pleasant flavor or aroma. But this individual had misunderstood the passage and used the term “savior,” in each instance where “savor” was used in the passage.

Needless to say, the lesson taught from the misinterpretation of that one word, while well intended, was unintelligible and made no sense to me whatsoever. We need to be very clear when sharing the word of God with others. To misrepresent even small points in scripture may yield disastrous results.

Come and join us in worship of the Lord. We want to share the joy of the Lord and the truth of the gospel with everyone.

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