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We had a great time at Piland Youth Camp this past week, several new additions to God’s Family, including five baptisms.  No one wanted to go home, we all wanted to continue enjoying the presence of the Lord.  But all good things must end, so here we are back home, tired but happy, weary in body but overjoyed in the soul.

This Sunday’s morning message was from Galatians 1:15-16, which speaks of the Son, whom Paul states is “in me,” and what he meant by that.  You should come and be our guest, you can keep me on my toes and make sure the messages we bring are from God’s Word, not our own.  The emphasis of this week’s message was the importance of God’s ruling will through Christ “IN” our lives.  The most important relationship anyone of us will ever experience is that of the presence of Christ “IN” our lives

The evening message was from the affairs related to the Demoniac of Gadara, and how it relates to us, even today.

The message planned for next Sunday morning worship service is, “The Know-Ye-nots,” in a passage of scripture from the New Testament.  Come, join us in worship of the King.

Our youth group which meets on Monday nights is growing steadily, and they are a wonderful group of young people, with their share of problems.  We make every effort to “edify” (build them up), in the Lord, and at the same time share a meal of physical food to go with the spiritual food, and though we have made much progress, we still have a way to go.

Seth Nichols plays piano for our group on Monday nights and does a wonderful job of it.  The group also likes to have sword drills, watch DVD’s on spiritual subjects, write letters to service men and women, write letter of appreciation to businesses that promote godly values, and enjoy other games and activities together.

Come join us in worship Sunday morning, evening or on Monday night (if you’re a teen), and Wednesday nights we have Bible Study.  However this Wednesday night will be a business meeting. We look forward to seeing you next Sunday morning, and may God bless you and yours.

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