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Oak Grove Church

If you didn’t have a great fourth of July, you sure missed a good chance, and Sunday morning was another magnificent morning in the Ozarks. Then in the afternoon the good Lord blessed us with a nice slow soaking rain. I hope you didn’t have hay down, but we did need the rain.

Our morning message was taken from Psalm 33, entitled “In God We Trust.” I have seen that motto “somewhere.” Everyone seemed to have gotten the point from the message that we should always, truly, Trust in God, for all our needs, in good time and bad. The final point of this message was taken from the seventh chapter of II Chronicles 7:14. The key work of which is “If.”

The evening message was from Jeremiah the 2nd chapter, verses 2 through 13. God was giving Jeremiah the message he wanted him to preach to Israel. He was disgusted with the children of Israel for turning from the worship of God the maker of heaven and earth, and their turn to worshipping false idols.

Piland Youth Camp starts Wednesday at 10:00, we hope to see you there. We plan to have food, fun and fellowship. You might think about coming, we will try to make you feel welcome. May our great Father in heaven watch over you and yours is as ever our prayer. God bless.

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