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Mt. Tabor Church

Mt. Tabor Church began with singing, “Amazing Grace”, and mentioning all those in need of prayer.  Our list continues to grow, but thankfully, some are also on the “praise the Lord”, list.  We are so blessed by His goodness and mercy, and we must always remember to thank Him.

We had the Gideon speaker for the morning worship hour.  Brother Ted Cain, and wife, Beverly, were with us for Sunday school, and brought a wonderful message of encouragement for those who help the organization in any way.  He played a short video, which brought home how small things can make such a difference.  Though our church is a “small church”, as are many others, when they are grouped together, they can make a mighty difference.  We appreciated the wonderful service we had.

We continue to have those who are dealing with illnesses at this time.  Tom Elliott is having some health issues, we send our prayers and best wishes to him and Jewell.  They have had Shaun and James and their families in and out during the weekend, helping Tom get his hay up.  Debbie Croney visited them, as well as Martin Hathcock and Albert Elliott.

We send our love and best wishes for a happy birthday to Mae Cox.

Martin Hathcock visited Harold and Kay Hutchison one evening last week.  He had also visited Pauline Hathcock, and Lynn Clayton and family.  Ronda Soto had been down to check on her dad.

Visiting with Harold and Kay Hutchison this past week was Jewell Elliott, Clifford Madewell, Dan, Kim, Dyland and Morgan Clements, and Jerry Pool.  Jerry was sharing fish, which is Harold’s favorite food.

Harold and Kay enjoyed listening to the Shumate boys playing music at Ruth’s, Sunday evening.  Shelly and her children, Larry, Mike and Ronnie Englehardt were also there.  Mike and Ronnie shared their catfish with Harold, which he has really enjoyed.  Ruth also sent squash home with them.

Amy Hutchison is spending a few days with Harold and Kay while her mother is recuperating from major surgery, at Cox South, Tuesday morning.  Harold also had a doctor appointment that day, getting a good report.

Morgan Clements is staying the week with Jeff and Kristy Tackett, In Joplin.

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