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Since my news hasn’t been in for a couple of weeks, I’ll try to catch up.

Last Sunday, the 6th our pastor didn’t get back off the truck in time to be at church, and Burl was preaching elsewhere, and Vickie was not with us so we had a very competent and inspirational woman deliver the message.  All of us appreciate Dyanna and thoroughly enjoy her messages from the Bible.  She sets an example for us all.

Kasey and Terry brought me supper which was very good and much appreciated, the ribs and especially the potato salad.  Thanks!

I appreciate Charlie for the garden vegetables delivered all week, especially the new potatoes and green beans and Barb for the assorted vegetables.  I thought the banana pepper was eatable and Igot my second bit which was a big hot surprise.  These peppers must be eaten cautiously and then they are good.  In fact, the best I’ve ever eaten.  I like hot pepper.  I appreciate Kasey and Terry for vegetables and for yard mowing and all else you do for me.

I appreciate you Karen for so many things that I can’t name them all.  I loved the watercress that you and Kasey found and all the errands and for the special day with Nikki.  I appreciate Robyn for doing all my dirty work and for her company.  She takes very good care of me.  I also appreciate Kevin for his daily calls with the always “I love you Mom.”

Burr  and Ruth always cheerfully are giving me a ride to church when Kevin can’t and last but not least to my daughter Kim for being there for me and for the extras she brings in addition to a big beautiful new kitchen table.  I’m enjoying the central air conditioning unit J.J. put in for me, although I haven’t needed to use it much this spring so far.  Everyone is good!

Lorene and Betty, I enjoyed the call from Miss Betty and the letter from my sister by choice, Lorene, will answer eventually.

I was saddened to learn that my friend, Mary Mitchell, had left us for she will be missed by her family and many many friends both young and old.  We know she is in a better place and free from pain and just think, she won’t have to take another pill.  I have known Mary and Harold since I have known their daughter Donna, for Donna is my daughter-in-law.  We share grandchildren and I want to send condolences to all the family and especially to Whittney.  Mary was her mother and I know she is hurting.  Just all I can say is that you can be comforted by knowing that Jesus has her in his loving care and that you all can make plans to be with Mary again some day.  God bless all!

The quilting club appreciated the sewing bags full of everything.  Thanks to the unnamed donor.

Everyone except Colleen was at club Wednesday and much was accomplished.  We have two quilts in the frames, one being hemmed with one in the wings to be hemmed, and the rug making almost got started.   Robyn got the sewing machine set up and tension adjusted.  WE were happy to be together and in harmoney and peace.

Monday morning again and I was reminded to write my news.

We had a great service Sunday beginning with our lesson still in Revelations  We missed those unable to be with us and they were included in our prayers.  Ruth brought a good message concerning Saul and Paul.  Is was an inspirational Bible delivered sermon.

Aaron and Ruth came home with me until night church and we cooked dinner.  Then we had a restful afternoon with me falling asleep for my siesta.

Much different than Sundays of my youth, after church families mingled and talked and went then in different directions for family get-togethers.  Many freezers were cranked making homemade ice cream out of good thick raw cream with milk saved for this purpose.  Everyone went to church back then.  We walked over the hill to Bethlehem and carried our good shoes which we would put on just before we arrived there.

I find myself missing the old times more and more and the loved ones who lived those times.  The past 100 years have seen many changes but once upon a time long ago I was priviledged to live in a magic place along Little Creek with a little country store known as Foil, which was the hub of the whole world because Springfield was so far removed that we had no need to get there.  Even Ava was as far away as the moon when I was a kid.  This was not just a place but a place where anyone ever born here all came back to from far afield.

After dusting off some of my memories of another time and life on Little Creek as I have known, I will write a bit more news from my sister.

Jim and Jean Frye have been priviledged to have Autum spend a lot of the summer with them and her grandfather, Rusty.  She and Rusty have been swimming a lot in the creek, which has had ample water for swimming due to our good rain fall.

They all enjoyed a visit with Sheldon Frey and Wendy Scheid along with Davin, Kylie and Avery before they moved to the naval base in Norfolk, VA.

Jim and Jean, Danny and Jamie, and Autum went to Benji Dry’s to join in his birthday celebration.

Narvil and Robyn Tetrick had their granddaughter Kendra visiting them awhile Saturday.  Kendra works most of her weekends with a woman who has Lou Gehrigs disease.  This woman can move only her eyes but she can talk and has good memory.  There are several girls who rotate the care.  Kendra is to be commended for being responsible for her and being so caring.

I will stop for this week and get this in the mail.  Have a good week everyone and God bless us all.

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