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“Howdy everybody! I’m just so glad to be here,” – by Minnie Pearl.  Yes, I am!   The weather is pleasant- places to go-good things to eat and fellowship, what more could I ask?

Monday Abbie called games for the residents and they enjoyed the time with Ms. Abbie.  Tuesday morning we had Resident Council with a good group of residents attending.   The meal we planned for the coming month was  pizza and salad and ice cream sundaes.  Evelyn Harper called games in the afternoon, followed by Nifty Nails with Whitney Pollard.  Wednesday we took a van ride down south on Glade Top Trail road.  We kept climbing and it seemed like at every rise we had reached the top, but then we rounded a curve and went up more.  We rode it up and up about six times until there was no doubt we started down for sure. The valley on both sides were very deep.  For a while we were riding the ridge.  The trees were in full leaf this time of year, but still very beautiful with many shades of green and a blue haze.  Then we traveled across the limestone glades to McClurg and caught highway 76 and on north and east back to Ava.

We also traveled to LaVern Sellers Ashby’s family farm on our way to Glade Top.   We arrived to the home in time for lunch.  We got a refreshing drink at Sonic as we left Ava, so we wasn’t very hungry.   Residents going on the trip were LaVern Ashby, Maxine Lirley, Trenta Jones, Bill Herrington, Annie Wilkerson and Helen Allen.   We appreciate our driver, Mr. Darrell Issac.

We had a quiet 4th of July having already celebrated on the 27th of June.  Many of our staff were absent today.  I’m sure they were enjoying family activities and they deserve the rest from their duty.

We had some music and a wonderful bass player.  I didn’t get his name, but Nola Jean was playing the piano very skillfully as usual.

 We had a surprise for Sunday School this Sunday.  Our teacher had his wife, Pat, come and  bring her keyboard to play some music and sing with us.  This was delightful and enjoyed  by all of us.  We discussed the lesson and sang some more before the closing prayers.  Then we prayed for several residents.

My daugher, Jean, came Saturday and took me to see the construction of one of my grandson’s new home down on DD highway.  It is being built by Danny and Keri Hampton.  They planned it and are doing a great job.  I will enjoy seeing this home finished by Christmas maybe.

We were glad to see Tonya and Shelly back from their vacation.  The home here has missed them everyday, but wished them a lovely vacation time.

The other staff have carried on very capably in their absence, but they were missed.

Abby is very good at calling games and we played some extra games,.

We would like to send our prayers and sympathy out to the Linda King family.  Ms. Linda’s daughter-in-law works in our business office.

We would like to welcome new residents to our home, they are Bernal Ingram, Bernice Miller and George Imhoff.

Congratulations to Wayne Yeary and Rosa Anderson on getting to go home.  They worked very hard in therapy with Shelly, Mike and Evelyn.

God Bless You From Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center in Ava, MO.

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