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Hello from our home to your home.  Our home is really beautiful now with lawns mowed so smoothly and flowers blooming in pots and baskets everywhere. It helps one to feel better just by enjoying the flowers and plants.

Now is the time to tell you about our 29th Annual 4th of July Celebration that was held on June 27th.   This is a celebration of being an American.  We are proud to be American!  It is the best country in this world!  We had a good time with games and food and fireworks. We had enough for everyone and many people came to enjoy the afternoon and evening until around  eleven p.m. Some worked even after that and were out helping clean up the next morning.  I traveled in my wheelchair and surveyed the whole campus.  So many things to do for fun and frolic and feasting and a mutlitude of people to enjoy them with.  Then I sat and watched the people as they celebrated with us here at the home.

I noticed so many cute little children, some walking, some in their carriages, but all adorable.  I also saw many friends I would not have seen had I not been there.What a privilege!  And the fireworks exploding over head was stupendous, raining down as sparking fountains, changing colors and turning into stars was so very beautiful.  I don’t know how they do it, but it is marvelous.  But that is it, for another year!

  I talked to Marilyn Alms at the Douglas County Museum Booth and they have some great books published about our county that each family should have about our businesses, our settlers and our cemeteries.  All the things our people should know and preserve for family. The book can be purchased at the Historical Society building just off the square.

My brother, Galen Hall, an  Ava graduate of 1947  is coming to visit in July.  We are going to purchase some of those books for family information.  It’s a must do!

Girdner Church was here for service with fine Christian music, a message and in fellowship.  People were visiting all Sunday afternoon and it was so good to see them. Frances had a good bit of company visiting in the day room.  That was so nice for Ms. Frances. It was good to see Wilda again.  She volunteers quite a bit for us.

We finished our bird jig-saw puzzle.  Velda was beside me while I finished and cheered me on although she didn’t help, it was fun having her cheer me on.

We would like to welcome our new residents to our home, they are George Ihop and Bonnie Bolding.

God Bless You From Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center in Ava, MO.

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